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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions should be doc or docx files, double spaced, 12pt, and in either Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Georgia font. Experimental pieces can be flexible regarding font and size. 
  • If submitting multiple pieces under the same category at once, make sure to submit all files as separate documents.
  • All submissions must include a short 3rd person bio.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Indicate this in the bio section. All other submissions MUST be formally withdrawn if you decide to publish with us.
  • We do not accept previously published work.
  • Authors may submit to any and all categories at once, but cannot submit more than allowed for any one category (i.e. limited to 5 pieces of poetry). 
  • Page or word count limit applies to a single piece.
  • Works in other languages are welcomed. Author MUST provide an English translation.
  • Expect to hear back from us within a couple of months after the submission period closes.

Please see each individual form for instructions on submitting to specific genres. You can submit all your pieces for a category at the same time and be charged the submission fee once. If you choose not to do this, you'll be charged the submission fee again the next time you submit.

Note: We do NOT accept print and online submissions at the same time. When print submissions are open, online submissions are closed and vice versa.

Author's Rights

iō Literary Journal acquires First Serial Rights for accepted work(s) for print publications. Upon acceptance(s) of publication in print, iō Literary Journal retains the right to be the sole publisher of the work(s) for the first year from the initial date of publication. Thereafter, contributors may republish their work(s), with iō Literary Journal credited as the initial publisher. iō Literary Journal retains the right to re-publish work(s) designated for print publication in an anthology.

iō Literary Journal acquires Digital Rights for accepted work(s) for its online publication, Refractions, that is posted on iō Literary Journal’s website on the Internet. Accepted work(s) will remain published on iō Literary Journal’s website indefinitely, until iō Literary Journal decides to remove it/them. 

The contributor confirms that the work(s) submitted for print and online is/are their own, the contributor owns the copyright(s), the work(s) are not in violation or infringement of any existing copyright(s) or license(s), and the work(s) submitted have not been previously published elsewhere. 

iō Literary Journal does not currently pay contributors for their work(s) published in print or online publications. Contributors will retain final say prior to print or online publication in the event that iō Literary Journal suggests modifications and/or copy edits. In the event such modifications and/or copy edits are declined by the contributor, iō Literary Journal reserves the right to decline publication(s) and withdraw its acceptance of work(s). 

Author’s rights are subject to change at any time. Amended author’s rights shall be made effective once posted online at www.ioliteraryjournal.com.

General Terms and Conditions

By submitting to iō Literary Journal, you agree to our terms and conditions. View our full terms and conditions.

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